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Special Note: If you are grieving and do not have access to a massage therapist who is familiar with Grief Massage, you may find that telling your massage therapist that you are grieving and simply requesting a gentle relaxation (Swedish) massage with light pressure is helpful. Feel free to share our website with your massage therapist, and we may be able to help them learn about Grief Massage through our resources and The Joy of Grief Massage class

Resources for Learning More About Massage and Bereavement​: Still curious about how massage may help with the stress of early grieving? Read about a study conducted in Sweden in 2010, in which gentle hand and foot massage benefitted grieving individuals who had lost a loved one to cancer. Read about the study here.

Grief Massage Sessions

in Charlotte North Carolina

Featuring the signature Safe and Gentle Grief Massage℠ sequence

Sessions are by appointment only, and are offered at a shared space within Elemental Healing Charlotte. Appointment booking process begins by contacting Aimee at

Email for more information.

The Safe and Gentle Grief Massage℠ sequence:

-Clients are welcome to remain clothed.This is an experience of being cocooned and nurtured. Clients new to massage, or just feeling especially vulnerable, will be welcome to remain clothed for this relaxing treatment. 

-Clients will be positioned ​and draped with sheets and blankets on a comfortable massage table.

-The massage therapist will enter a meditative state and provide slow, calming massage strokes over the clothing.

-Light to gentle pressure will be used to encourage relaxation and a sense of being companioned and supported.

-Areas treated include: back (neck, shoulders, and lower back), calves and feet (below the knee), arms and hands, face and scalp

-Any of the listed areas can be skipped if the client prefers.

-Areas such as hands, feet, forearms, or calves (if not covered by clothing) will be massaged with light oil or lotion.

-Clients are encouraged to wear soft, loose fitting clothing to the session.

-This massage is not focused on "fixing" problem areas or "releasing grief". Rather, this massage is offered to support clients who are exhausted and stressed from the hard work of grieving.

-This session creates a safe place of "no pressure" for the client.

-Grief is welcomed and the body is cared for in a respectful and sacred manner. There is no pressure to "feel better" after the massage.

-The focus of this session is on honoring the broken heart and holding space for the grieving body to experience comfort through empathetic touch.