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This short video provides a bit of information about our Grief Massage offerings for clients in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aimee Joy Taylor is a licensed North Carolina massage therapist - NC LMBT # 7632 If you would like more information about booking Grief Massage in the Charlotte area, please visit our Massage Book website here.

"A loved one's death can trigger an increased stress response, resulting in a tense, sore body and high levels of physical, mental, and emotional stress. Grief Massage is an extremely gentle massage experience devoted to providing warmth, comfort, and care for grieving people. Touch can provide a sense of being supported."   -Aimee Joy Taylor

Imagine warm soft lighting and candles. Being enveloped in sheets and blankets, cocooned in comforting materials and textures. Envision a refuge for your physical senses. How soothing could warm hands and gentle massage techniques be?

What if there was a safe and sacred space to simply collapse and rest? A place where being broken-hearted was okay and where no one would try to "fix" your grief?​ How helpful would it be to find such a haven during early grief?

SPECIAL NOTE: While we are merging our two websites ( and, ensuring compliance with new data regulations and streamlining many of our tools and processes, we will temporarily not be offering a newsletter sign up. To connect, please reach out to Aimee at and she will be happy to personally respond to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

the institute for grief massage inc.

Why Grief Massage?

What is Grief Massage? Read an article about the past 7 years of sharing the Grief Massage modality online here.

Safe and Gentle Grief Massage℠ is a specific Grief Massage sequence devoted to creating safe, gentle and sacred massage therapy experiences for those in early grief. Learn more here.

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EXCITING NEWS: A beautiful new (and more mobile friendly!) website is under construction for The Institute for Grief Massage Inc.! This new website will be revealed this summer and will combine our training website for massage therapists  with this resource site for the general public and Grief Massage clients.